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classic three-strand pearl necklace

Story image for pearl jewelry from Vanity Fair

10 Unconventional Pearl Accessories

Vanity Fair-Jul. 16, 2014
Jewelry designers are incorporating them in new, refreshing ways—see the ... No pearl story would be complete without a classic three-strand pearl necklace.
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3D Printing Recreates Long-Lost Family Heirlooms

Tom's Guide-Apr. 30, 2014
Via the "Jewelry Replicator," as the feature is called, American Pearl will turn a photo of a piece of jewelry into a digital model for free (though it won't then give ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Forbes

How To Wear Pearls At The Office

Forbes-Jan. 14, 2014
For a professional office look opt for understated, simple pieces. It's advisable to wear just one pearl accessory at a time. So don't pair your pearl necklace with a ...
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Pearl brooch, likely from Russian crown jewels, sold in NJ to pay ... 9, 2014
The Putilov Pearl Brooch contains the largest near-round natural saltwater pearl ... Sarah Churgin, who directs the jewelry and silver department at Rago, ...

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