Thursday, March 14, 2019

baroque conch pearl set into a brooch

Story image for pearl brooch from Tatler (satire)

The most famous jewellery collectors of all time

Tatler (satire)-Nov. 9, 2018
The brooch enjoyed a rare outing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ... pieces in the collection included La Peregrina, a 16th-century pearl, once ...
Story image for pearl brooch from The Jewellery Editor (blog)

Conch pearls: what are they and why are they so rare?

The Jewellery Editor (blog)-May 6, 2017
She told me that she knows of three pearls in existence that are over 100 carats, including a pale pink baroque conch pearl set into a brooch ...
Story image for pearl brooch from Daily Mail

Audrey Hepburn´s pearl earrings go up for auction

Daily Mail-Apr. 18, 2018
Screen star Audrey Hepburn's pearl earrings and a pair of her pale pink ballet pumps ... Audrey Hepburn´s novelty Cartier brooch (Christie´s).

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