Tuesday, March 19, 2019

authenticated one of the largest pearls ever

Story image for pearl jewelry from Forbes

Costume Jewelry That Doesn't Look Cheap

Forbes-Jul. 8, 2008
Among the scene stealers was a number at the Givenchy show featuring a dozen thick, gold chains with crosses messily layered, as well as a 3-inch-wide pearl ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Diamonds.net

Five Pound Pearl is a Record Says EGL USA

Diamonds.net-Sep. 8, 2008
RAPAPORT... EGL USA authenticated one of the largest pearls ever to be discovered and documented. The brain-shaped specimen — a giant non-nacreous ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Stars and Stripes

Japan: A great place to indulge in a passion for pearls

Stars and Stripes-Nov. 22, 2008
That can be good news for a more discerning jewelry shopper who wants to invest in a small piece of Japanese jewelry. Akoya pearls are relatively small.
Story image for pearl jewelry from Knoxville News Sentinel

Wildly popular in the '80s, Tennessee pearls still command attention

Knoxville News Sentinel-Aug. 25, 2008
That's a far cry from when the freshwater pearls really came out of their shell, ... Tennessee pearl jewelry is also selling well at the Tennessee River Pearl ...

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