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attracted mostly high-end jewelry stores

Story image for pearl jewelry from Wall Street Journal (blog)

UAE in Pearl Industry Revival Push

Wall Street Journal (blog)-Jun. 13, 2013
The pearl industry in the United Arab Emirates collapsed due to the Great ... were around 5000 pearls on sale, which attracted mostly high-end jewelry stores.

Story image for pearl jewelry from Forbes

Natural Pearl Necklace Sells For $1.6 Million

Forbes-Jun. 5, 2013
Seven of the 10 best selling lots involved natural pearls. The top lot was a three-row natural pearl necklace measuring from 10.7 to 4.1mm that sold for more than ...

The Rise and Rise of Art Deco Jewelry

Barron's (blog)-Apr. 15, 2013
"Art Deco jewelry has steadily been rising [in value] since the 1980's, especially when it incorporates rare stones, such as natural pearls, rubies, sapphires and ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Boston Globe

Artists are reinventing Caribbean jewelry

Boston Globe-Dec. 1, 2013
ST. THOMAS — The Caribbean isn't a wellspring of precious gems, unless you count the islands themselves. So what makes it such a popular destination for ...

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