Wednesday, March 13, 2019

a set of pearl drop earrings

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Is This the World's Rarest Evening Gown?

JCK-Jun. 6, 2018
A must-see for jewelry lovers, the garment was hand-embroidered with hundreds of rare Australian keshi pearls. The price? Only $625,000.
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You Can Copy Kate Middleton's #1 Accessory for Just $8 3, 2016
And recently, PopSugar noticed that she's got a favorite key accessory: a set of pearl drop earrings that she's worn everywhere from garden ...
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Margot McKinney pearls: a walk on the wild side

The Jewellery Editor-Nov. 28, 2018
In Margot's world, the soft grey lustre of a perfect Tahitian pearl is surrounded by ... Margot McKinney Kiss earrings with pink, yellow and orange ...

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How to Style Summer's Biggest Accessory Trend 6, 2018
Seashells for summer? Maybe not *groundbreaking*, but still a very worthy trend. Ever since seeing them on Prada's fall '17 runway, we've ...

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