Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Story image for style jewelry from Hollywood Reporter

'Once Upon a Time' Evil Queen Crown Becomes Hot Jewelry Item

Hollywood Reporter-May 10, 2014
An identical style sold for $600 on the VSA website with the official ABC Once Upon a Time logo and endorsement has turned into a half-million-dollar business ...
Story image for style jewelry from New York Times

Jewelry for Men Is Back in Vogue

New York Times-Sep. 11, 2014
Mr. Alt was so impressed with Mr. Reed's style — the designer is known for his ... The next time men are legitimately allowed to wear jewelry, apart from tie pins, ...
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Neon birds and fluorescent plants? Jewelry goes supernatural

CNN-Nov. 4, 2014
In addition to her acclaimed gallery work, Rohde has had a long association with fashion and jewelry design. In 2010, she collaborated with fashion designers ...
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Vanessa Hudgens Loves Body Art, Boho Jewelry and Eccentric ...

E! Online-Sep. 23, 2014
We've seen Vanessa's style evolve and she now dresses like a chic boho maiden who looks like she's always at Coachella...or at least living the Coachella ...

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