Monday, July 29, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from Jakarta Post

Historical threads: Morocco's last brocade master

Jakarta Post-Apr. 30, 2019
His skillful hands intricately create shimmering silk fabrics, enhanced with gold or silver thread, for bridal jewellery, designer creations or high-end furnishings.
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De Beers' Stephen Lussier on Forevermark and Lightbox

JCK-May 31, 2019
Here, he talks about how the bridal jewelry market is changing, why De Beers is hosting Botswana's first couple, and Lightbox's real purpose—and its future.
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Shop & stock up during the Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday

Sevier News Messenger-Jul. 25, 2019
Belt Buckles; Belts, tool; Boots, ski; Breathing Masks; Bridal apparel, other than ... Hard Hats; Hearing Protectors; Helmets; Jewelry; Jump Drives; Leased Items ...
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Zales Unveils Exclusive Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Designs ...

Business Wire (press release)-Apr. 17, 2019
The new jewelry collection is an important addition to the existing Zales ... includes 20 new fashion and bridal products for customers seeking quality and value.

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