Monday, July 29, 2019

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A Greek Island Dream: House of Natalia

Greek City Times (press release) (blog)-Nov. 13, 2018
“In 2018, I expanded House of Natalia's collections from jewellery to also ... its full range of couture fashion and jewellery accessories at their bridal expos.
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The Engagement Ring Settings Guide–And Which One Suits Your Style 2, 2018
When it comes to your engagement ring, the first thing you think about is the diamond–the cut, carat, color and clarity; but what often gets overlooked is the ...
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Vera Wang and Chow Tai Fook Partner on a Bridal Jewelry Collection

JCK-Oct. 11, 2018
The Vera Wang Love fine jewelry collection will include 18k gold and platinum engagement rings, as well as wedding bands and 18k gold and platinum fine ...
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Destination Vows: An Indian-Mexican Wedding In Greece Sets the ... 8, 2018
Destination Vows: An Indian-Mexican Wedding In Greece Sets the Gold Standard ... He credits his mother, the jewelry designer Coomi Bhasin (Sahil is the ...


Anonymous said...

After these two centuries we have become more attention to
the signs of a movement that is contrary to this General setting.
Neither liberalism, economic or political, nor the various trends
within Marxism failed to get out of these two bloody centuries, avoiding
accusations of crimes against humanity. We can list a number of names
own, place names, names of historical figures, dates, who are able
to illustrate and substantiate our suspicion. To show how
at odds of the newest Western history "modern" project of liberation
humanity, I follow Theodor Adorno used the word symbol
"Auschwitz". Thinking is able to "remove" -- in the sense of aufheben-this
"Auschwitz" by including it in a universal empirical or even
the thought process that focuses on the universal release? Secret
sorrow hath eaten our Zeitgeist (spirit of time it.). He may Express himself in
various reactive or even reactionary attitudes, or utopias, but not
there is a positive orientation that would open before us
some kind of new perspective.

Anonymous said...

According to Portoghesi, a break from
modern to postmodern has become possible due to the fact that was cancelled
the hegemony of Euclidean geometry, for example in plastic poetics group
"Stijl". If you believe Gregotti, the difference between modernism and
postmodernism is, above all, the disappearance of the close ties that bound
the architectural project of modernity with the idea of progressive realization of social and
individual liberation to the whole of humanity. As it happened,
what postmodern architecture is doomed to produce a series of some
minor modifications in the legacy of modernity and space
to abandon a global reconstruction of the space inhabited by man. In
this sense the eyes of postmodern man, in particular architect,
enjoy overlooking the vast landscape, not defined
the horizon of universality or universalization, of universal liberation.
The disappearance of the Ideas of the progressive development of rationality and liberty may
to explain the known "tone" of postmodern architecture, its special style or
manner, I would say -- a kind of "Bricolage": the abundance of quotations-elements
borrowed from previous styles and periods, both classical and
modern; insufficient attention to the environment, etc.
One comment on here about what aspect of the problem: the prefix "post"
the word "postmodernism" is understood by these authors in the same sense that speech
is about a simple succession, a diachronic sequence
periods, each of which can be clearly identified. "Post" then
the case indicates something like a conversion: a new direction replaces