Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Stranger Things: Cartier's Magnitude high jewellery collection

The Jewellery Editor-Jul. 1, 2019
The Equinoxe necklace offers a shimmer cosmic spectacle at the heart of ... hard stones' suggests an inferior geological ranking, a mere foil or backdrop in the ...
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Chanel West Coast Dons Pink Bikini Top & Chills In Cabo

The Inquisitr-Jul. 26, 2019
Her hair was pulled back in two braids, as she accessorized with round sunglasses, a small heart pendant necklace, and pink flamingo earrings. She completed ...
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'Bachelor' Star Hannah Godwin Exposes Chest In A Plunge Swimsuit

The Inquisitr-6 hours ago
She also wore a gold pendant necklace, along with thin hoop earrings. ... Also, there were very large plants in pots in the backdrop, and it looked like the sun ...
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Behati Prinsloo Levine Rocks A Tiny Pink Bikini

The Inquisitr-Jul. 24, 2019
She also sported a couple of necklaces, one which was a choker-style beaded ... estate, as the backdrop revealed a luxurious building with columns and a large, ...

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to assess the moral implications of such a mechanism, but
I think that will not go beyond objective analysis, if you notice that
the omnipresence of the signifier in myth exactly reproduces very physical
the structure of the ALIBI (it is known that it is a spatial term): the concept of an alibi
also implies the existence of filled and empty spaces that are associated
a relation of negative identity ("I am not where you think
what I am"; "I am where you think I'm not"). But ordinary
alibi (for example, in a criminal case) has its end; at some point
reality stops the rotation of the turnstile. The myth also represents a
SIGNIFICANCE and cannot be considered from the point of view of truth; there is nothing stopping
him to save the eternal alibi; the two sides have a meaning always
allow him to be in a different place, sense is always here to
MANIFEST form; the form is always here to OBSCURE the meaning. It turns out
so that between meaning and form,there is never a contradiction
of conflict; they will never face each other because never
be in the same spot. For comparison, we can cite the following
the situation: when I go in the car and look out the window, then at his desire I
unable to focus or on the landscape or on the glass; I look at the glass
and when the landscape, overshadowed, or, on the contrary, glass
becomes transparent and I see the depth of the landscape. The result
such alternation of the same: I perceive the presence of the glass and at the same
time it is for me devoid of any interest; the landscape seems to me
surreal and at the same time revealed to me in its entirety. The same
can be said about meaning in the myth: its form is empty but it is, it
there is no sense, but at the same time he fills a form. It
the contradiction can be noticed only in the case if you intentionally stop
this alternation of form and meaning and to focus on each of them as
the object that is different from the other, if you apply to myth a static
the decryption procedure, in a word, if to break his own momentum
and to consider it from the position not of the reader, and mythologist.