Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Kate Middleton Recycled Another Dress for Friend Sophie Carter's ...

Brides.com-Sep. 24, 2018
Even when the bride and groom don't have a strict dress code, there's ... For the annual Garter Day service in 2016, she brought back her own bridal earrings.
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The Best Jewelry Design Collaborations of 2018

JCK-Dec. 19, 2018
Then there were established jewelry brands who teamed up with talent who operate outside the jewelry world (wedding gowns, athleisure, sleepwear, ...
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One Couple Planned a Laid-Back "Love Party" in Yucca Valley ...

Martha Stewart Weddings-Oct. 18, 2018
The couple chose coordinating wedding jewelry from Octavia Elizabeth in the form of a slim gold wedding band with a v-shape to fit around the point of the ...
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Why Meghan Markle May Get Her Very Own Tiara for the Wedding

GoodHousekeeping.com-Apr. 26, 2018
There's a considerable chance that the American actress will also debut a brand-new tiara for her walk down the aisle, according to royal jewelry expert Ella Kay ...

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