Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Cortina, Italy: Fashion, Food and Fun in the Dolomites

Upscale Living Magazine (blog)-Sep. 22, 2018
Specialty boutiques like Regina by Angela Maffei, Le Noir, Franz Kraler and Brunello Cucinelli host the very best collections of unique furs, jewelry, handbags, ...
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Top 8 Villas To Call Home Over The Holidays

Upscale Living Magazine (blog)-Dec. 7, 2018
More than likely, there is one location (whether you are a warm weather or cold weather traveler) that you routinely have been calling home for the holidays.
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Green With Envy

Upscale Living Magazine (blog)-Sep. 23, 2018
Precious New Heights. As high jewelry met luxury fashion, what emerged was a foot fatale. Maison Bulgari and shoe couturier Manolo Blahnik recently dreamed ...
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Emmy Awards 2018

Upscale Living Magazine (blog)-Sep. 22, 2018
The 70th Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles on Monday September 17, 2018. We highlight some of our favorite red-carpet and humorous moments.


Anonymous said...

First of all, it should be noted that in the myth the first two elements absolutely
obvious (in contrast to what occurs in other semiological
systems, one is not "hiding" behind the other, both are given to us HERE IN THIS PLACE (a
not that one is here and another in there somewhere). It is
paradoxically, myth HIDES NOTHING; its function is to
deformation, but not in concealment. The concept is not latent in relation to
form; there is not the slightest need to resort to the subconscious to
to give an interpretation of the myth. Obviously, we have here two different types
manifestation: form given to us directly and, in addition, it has
some extent. Again and again it must be emphasized that this is a fully
due to the linguistic nature of the mythological meaning: since
meaning already has a certain meaning, it can manifest
only through some material medium (as in the language
the signifier remains mental nature). If the myth of the acts interpretation
form, meaning the length of the line (BECAUSE I am a LION); if
a myth is a sight, his movement is multi-dimensional (in
the center of the image, we see the African uniform of a soldier, above the blackness of his
face, left hand raised in greeting, etc.). Thus, the elements
forms occupy relative to one another to a certain place they are in
with respect to adjacency; method demonstration form in this case
spatial. On the contrary, the concept is given as a kind of integrity, he
is something like a nebula, more or less vague
clot views. Elements of the concept are linked by associative relations
it is not based on the length and depth (although perhaps this metaphor
too spatial); the method of demonstration mnemonic.

Anonymous said...

The relationship between concept and meaning in myth is essentially a relation
DEFORMATION. Here we see a certain formal analogy with complex
semiological system of a different kind, namely the system of psychoanalysis. Like
how Freud the latent meaning of behavior deforms its overt meaning,
and in myth the concept deforms the meaning. Of course, this deformation becomes
possible only because the very form of the myth is constituted by linguistic meaning. In
a simple system like the language, the signified nothing could deform them
since arbitrary, hollow meaning does not render him any
resistance. But in the myth the situation is different, it has a meaning as
two sides: one is substantial - it is meaning (a story with a lion
African soldier), the other side is devoid of content is a form
ARMY-GIVE-HONOR-THE FRENCH FLAG). Appar, concept deforms
the content side, it makes sense: Leo and African soldiers lose
its history and turn into an empty figure. An example of the rule in Latin
grammar distorts the act of naming the lion in all his specific
randomness: also the concept of the "French Empire" makes disorder in the system
primary language violates the narrative of facts, relating to the
salute to Africans dressed in a soldier's uniform. N????? such
deformation does not lead to complete disappearance of the sense; and the lion and African
present in myth, because the concept needs them, they would cut
half, taking memory, but not existence; they persist in their
silence and at the same time talkative, their language is entirely received in
the service concept, namely the concept deforms the meaning, but does not eliminate it
this contradiction can be expressed as: concept alienates sense.