Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Behati Prinsloo Levine Rocks A Tiny Pink Bikini

The Inquisitr-Jul. 24, 2019
She also sported a couple of necklaces, one which was a choker-style beaded ... estate, as the backdrop revealed a luxurious building with columns and a large, ...
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Chanel's finest craftsmen on display in Lagerfeld's final collection

Palm Beach Daily News-Jul. 3, 2019
... 27 ateliers overseen by Chanel to create its jewelry, shoes, tweeds, feathers, ... of Dendur as its backdrop, is making it into Chanel boutiques around the world.
Story image for backdrop necklace from The Inquisitr

'Bachelor' Star Hannah Godwin Exposes Chest In A Plunge Swimsuit

The Inquisitr-7 hours ago
She also wore a gold pendant necklace, along with thin hoop earrings. ... Also, there were very large plants in pots in the backdrop, and it looked like the sun ...

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Anonymous said...

I can give another example of a language that is struggling
resists mythologizing: it is a poetic language. Modern poetry [10]
is a REGRESSIVE SEMIOLOGICAL system. If the myth is committed
to the creation of ultra-values, for expanding the primary system, poetry,
on the contrary, trying to find the infra-values in disimilarities condition
language, that is, it seeks to transform the sign back into meaning. In
ultimately, the ideal of poetry - not dig up the meaning of words and meaning
the things themselves [11]. That's why poetry disturb the tranquillity of the language, that is
makes the concept more abstract and more
arbitrary and weakens to the limits of the possible Association of a signifier with a
signified. "Shaky" structure of the concept is used to the maximum extent;
in contrast to the prose of the poetic sign tries to reveal its full potential
the signified in hopes to get finally to the point that you can call
transcendental property of things, its natural (not human)
sense. Hence the essentialist ambitions of poetry, its belief that
only she can grasp the meaning of THINGS IN ITSELF, and to the extent
it, poetry, pretends to be antiethical. In General
to say that of all popular language poets are the least formalist, for
they believe that the meaning of the words - only form, which in no way
as you cannot satisfy them as realists concerned themselves with things. At
this is why modern poetry always acts as a killer language
is a spatial, concrete-sensuous analogue
of silence. Poetry is the opposite of the myth; a myth is a semiological system,
pretend to be converted into a system of facts, poetry is
semiological system, seeking to is reduced to a system of entities.