Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Affordable Bridal Jewelry That Only Looks Like a Million Bucks

Brides.com-Oct. 21, 2017
No wedding look is complete without the finishing touch of a gorgeous piece of wedding jewelry. From dazzling diamonds to demure pearl accents to modernist ...
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The 5 Indie Jewelry Designers Every Bride Needs to Know

Brides.com-Apr. 8, 2017
After rocking the perfect engagement ring, and choosing a wedding dress that represents your personal style, it's all about the wedding day jewelry. But where to ...
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Celeb Favorite Designer Amanda Thomas Dishes on Her New ...

Us Weekly-Nov. 3, 2017
As for Après Jewelry, Thomas dishes, "It's our fine jewelry sister brand that specializes in alternative bridal jewelry. We wanted to create chic and unique jewelry ...
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The Best Spring 2018 Jewelry At Fashion Month (So Far)

HarpersBAZAAR.com-Sep. 19, 2017
Get ready to let your statement-making jewelry do all the talking come Spring 2018. From asymmetrical designs to embellished ear cuffs, over-the-top earrings ...

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