Monday, July 29, 2019

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This Bridal Shop Owner Wore Five Different Dresses for her Palm ... 10, 2018
Anyone who has visited LOHO Bride knows that owner Christy Baird doesn't do ... He enlisted the help of Christy's friend Bliss Lau, a fine jewelry designer, and ...
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Newlyweds Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk Flaunt Their Wedding ... 1, 2018
Falchuk didn't drop any wedding hints on his own Instagram, but he did gush over his new wife on her birthday, which was just two days before the wedding.
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Exclusive: Nikki Reed on Why Husband Ian Somerhalder Will ...

The Knot News-Dec. 21, 2018
Since then, Reed has created her own jewelry brand, Bayou with Love, which now has a bridal line and its own brick-and-mortar holiday shop. “More people are ...
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A Gorgeous Château Wedding in the French Countryside 19, 2018
A Gorgeous Château Wedding in the French Countryside ... Sam and Seane had started to plan a big wedding in upstate New York with ..... Venue: Château du Feÿ Villecien || Bride's Dress: BHLDN || Bride's Shoes: Miu Miu || Bride's Jewelry: ...

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