Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Real Bride: This Bride's Wedding Dress Was The Most Incredible Colour

Harper's BAZAAR-Jan. 29, 2019
A Tiffany key pendant necklace; my first piece of Tiffany & Co jewellery gifted to me from .... Covered in lush green vines, the house was the perfect backdrop and ...
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Cool for School: Graduating students showcase art at HSU

Eureka Times Standard-May 3, 2019
Hipple's “Fish Necklace” was created through enameling, the fusing of glass to .... “I am going back to my hometown to start my own jewelry line and business ...

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The Wedding Jewelry Trends That Are Taking Over Spring 2017

Brides.com-Mar. 27, 2017
A special piece (or pieces) of wedding jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for your bridal look. And for style-savvy brides, it's a fashion-forward way to play with ...
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Wedding Jewelry Rental Sites To Get Glitzy Without Breaking The ...

Bustle-Mar. 26, 2017
That's why it's important to know about places for wedding jewelry rentals — after all, good jewelry doesn't come chap. Financially speaking, most of us have to ...

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