Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from Poughkeepsie Journal

Let your engagement ring reflect your personality, relationship

Poughkeepsie Journal-Sep. 7, 2017
Custom jewelry makers like Lomonaco and Walton bring a more personal experience to the selection of bridal jewelry, and it's something both jewelers take ...
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Pippa Middleton's Wedding Earrings Were Her Something Old

TownandCountrymag.com (blog)-Apr. 14, 2017
Kate isn't the only Middleton girl who knows how to recycle her outfits. On Pippa's wedding day, she opted for her earrings to serve as the traditional "something ...
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Jewelry You Can Gift Your Bridesmaids (That They'll Want to Wear ...

E! Online-Jun. 7, 2017
So you're getting married and you've enlisted your closest personal friends to be part of your wedding party. These ladies have been there with you through thick ...
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How to design your own wedding ring: the jewellers we recommend

HarpersBAZAAR.com-Nov. 29, 2017
For many, the thought of going into a shop to spend more money than they've ever spent on one piece of jewellery before, is daunting enough. Selecting from ...

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