Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Story image for backdrop necklace from InStyle

Lady Gaga Showed Up to the Met Gala in Over a Million Dollars Worth ...

InStyle-May 6, 2019
That necklace! Those rings! These tiny (read: not that tiny) Tiffany & Co. details — which she also switched up with the transformation — can not be forgotten, ...

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2 June Birthstones, 1 Luminous New Jewelry Collection

JCK (blog)-Jun. 13, 2019
Some new jewelry options that combine both gemstones. ... clean for summer but would also be beautiful against a backdrop of creamy cashmere or mohair.
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jewelry designers reinventing pearls

VOGUE Paris (press release)-Jan. 12, 2019
... Gaia Repossi, and you have the perfect backdrop for the resurgence of the pearl. Here, Vogue speaks to five jewelry designers who are at the forefront of their ...

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