Monday, July 29, 2019

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Get The Best Looks From 'Crazy Rich Asians' Without The Huge Price ...

HuffPost Canada-Sep. 21, 2018
You might have heard of a little film called "Crazy Rich Asians." The groundbreaking movie — with an entirely Asian cast — broke barriers in Hollywood, and did ...
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Lela Rose Partners With Brilliant Earth for Her First Bridal Jewelry Line

Brit + Co-Sep. 27, 2018
From ready to wear to bridal gowns, Lela Rose knows how to make a woman feel elegant. And now, the clothing designer has partnered with Brilliant Earth to ...
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Meghan Markle Just Revealed How She Chose Her Royal Wedding ... 26, 2018
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are sharing intimate details about their weddingplanning process in a new exhibition at Windsor Castle that celebrates the ...
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Cramer Remix: To ignore this trend is to miss a huge opportunity

CNBC-Dec. 12, 2018
“So, for example, 40 percent of people start their search online for bridal jewelry or for gifting, but for bridal, certainly, more than 90 percent of the sales actually ...


Anonymous said...

People ask me sometimes if there are left-wing myths? Of course,
there are, in those cases when the forces of the left lose its revolutionary character.
Left-wing myths arise at precisely the moment when the revolution ceases to be
revolution and becomes a "leftism" that is beginning to camouflage themselves
to hide its name, to develop an innocent metalanguage and to present himself as
"Nature." The rejection of the revolution its name may be due to
tactical or other reasons, this is not the place to discuss this issue. In
anyway, sooner or later it begins to be perceived as an image
actions that harm the revolution; therefore, in the history of the revolution its "slope"
always connected with mythmaking.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are left-wing myths, but their characteristics are totally different from
LEFT-WING FORCES. First of all, mythologizing exposed to very few objects,
some political concepts, except, of course, cases where
left-wing myths resort to a rich Arsenal of tools bourgeoise iey mythology. They
never touch the vast field of ordinary human relations
a layer of "insignificant" ideology. Everyday life is inaccessible to them, in
bourgeois society is not "leftist" myths related to family life,
cooking, home Economics, theater, justice, morality, etc.
Further, the myths the left are random, they are not part
the strategy is similar to the bourgeois myths, they are used for tactical purposes
or, at least, characterize a particular bias, if such a myth
occurs, for reasons of convenience, not of necessity.