Monday, July 29, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from Business Insider

We visited a David's Bridal store just before the company filed for ...

Business Insider-Nov. 19, 2018
David's Bridal filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, it said in a press release on Monday. .... The same held true for bridesmaid dresses and jewelry.
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Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone Wedding: Deepika's jewellery is ...

Hindustan Times-Nov. 20, 2018
When it comes to bridal jewellery, bigger is always better. And that was certainly the case with one of the most stylish brides of 2018 — Deepika Padukone.
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Nikki Reed's Sustainable Lifestyle Company, BaYou, Just Launched ... 2, 2018
As part of her sustainable lifestyle company, BaYou with Love, the actress just launched an environmentally conscious line of jewelry that has eco-friendly brides ...
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10 Things You Never Noticed About Meghan Markle's Delicate Jewelry 1, 2018
The Duchess of Cambridge of course received Princess Diana's sapphire cluster back in 2011, but Prince Harry designed a ring for his bride with an equal ...


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