Monday, July 22, 2019

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Jewelry – Less is More

Nordic Style Magazine-Dec. 14, 2015
Big bold and bright in all its glory but when it comes to jewelry go for simple, delicate ... It's the little, subtle things that reveal a true mind of style and the ability to ...
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Ask DaniELLE: How Can I Master Festival Jewelry Trends? (blog)-Apr. 17, 2015
Once you have your base look, taking comfort, ease, and style into account, ... So, how to make a jewelry stack successful enough to rival those of professional ...
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The Minimal Jewelry Line You're Going To Love

Refinery29-Nov. 25, 2015
Whether you love to hate or hate to love the Kardashian-Jenner clan, there's no denying they've gone from reality stars to full-fledged fashion influencers.
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Bergdorf Goodman Opens New Jewelry Salon with Sparkling Star ...

InStyle-Dec. 16, 2015
Attendees at the event, hosted by Gemfields, included high-profile jewelry enthusiasts, such as Hendricks, who said she “loves jewelry way too much.”.

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