Monday, July 29, 2019

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Hayley Paige and Hearts on Fire Are Releasing the Wedding Ring ... 6, 2018
Prepare to snap several #ringselfies: Wedding dress designer Hayley Paige .... “Today's brides are educating themselves and shopping for bridal jewelry online.
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Lab-Grown Diamond Bridal Brands Are Cropping Up Quickly

JCK-Nov. 8, 2018
As consumers' acceptance of lab-created diamonds expands, jewelry brands specializing in bridal designs that exclusively use lab-grown diamonds are ...
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The 25 Best Earrings To Wear With Your Wedding Dress 23, 2018
Most traditional bridal earrings tend to appear dated, but today's iterations are both modern and timeless, stylishly complementing your ensemble thanks to ...
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The Best Hairstyles for Brides Who Love a Middle Part

Martha Stewart Weddings-Dec. 14, 2018
A middle part is best for showcasing a maang tikka—Indian bridal jewelry that adorns the forehead. Gabriel Mendoza of Bomane Salon, Beverly Hills took that ...

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