Saturday, July 13, 2019

Story image for style jewelry from CNN

Four years ago, she was a college freshman. Today, she has a ...

CNN-Oct. 18, 2018
"I couldn't buy expensive jewelry and I also couldn't find cheaper good quality jewelry that would last," she says. So she decided she'd try her hand at making ...
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Bulgari's Clients Prove to Be the 'Treasures of Rome'

New York Times-Mar. 24, 2018
“Bulgari: Treasures of Rome,” published in February to coincide with the opening of the jewelry house's New Curiosity Shop there, was a four-year labor of love ...

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Dell is making jewelry with reclaimed gold from recycled computer guts

TechCrunch-Jan. 10, 2018
A new jewelry line launched this week in literally the last place on Earth any reasonable human being would look for fashion advice — but the style gurus at Dell ...
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Slick Rick Takes 'GQ' Through the Art of Jewelry Collecting

The Source-Nov. 7, 2018
Some of the anecdotes he touches on include being inspired by Mr. T's gold-encrusted neck, a few of his completely iced-out eyepatches, and other guys in the ...

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