Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Baroque and Roll 16, 2016
It is that inherent style that brings the 24-year-old singer to the museum. Welch was just named the ambassador for Gucci's watch and jewelry collections, and ...
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Longtime jewelry-store owner Landa is a pillar of style

Houston Chronicle-Oct. 28, 2016
Jay Landa's sweet French bulldog, a rescue named Moe, has taken refuge under a midcentury acrylic coffee table. Landa has given up trying to coax the pup, ...
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Style Q&A | The Beautiful Nomad

Vancouver Sun-Jul. 29, 2016
But they do play a big part in the collection. Jessica Buell, the owner and designer behind the Vancouver-based jewelry brand, uses genuine stones sourced ...
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How Tiffany & Co. Built A Marketing Empire

Forbes-Jan. 4, 2016
Here is how Tiffany became the jewelry marketing superpower they are today: 1. ... built a strong brand, and has established itself as an arbiter of style and taste.

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