Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Who Wants Ice Cream? Meg C Jewelry Gallery's Sweet Idea

JCK-Aug. 14, 2018
“I have always loved vintage jewelry, and I had been wanting to do a vintage jewelry trunk show with a local antique jewelry dealer for some time,” says Carroll.
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We Wore What Is in Hot Water over Allegedly Copying Jewelry ...

Fashionista (blog)-May 7, 2018
Foundrae, a fine jewelry line that specializes in custom medallion-like chain ... and said the jewelry line was inspired by a vintage locket that she purchased at a ...
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First Look: Make Fox & Bond Your Vintage Charm Jewelry HQ

JCK-Nov. 7, 2018
Fox & Bond is a great example of a young company doing their part to make estate and vintage jewelry exceptionally trendy and desirable. All of the charms can ...
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Antique Jewelry: What's the Story?

JCK-Apr. 17, 2018
Serious antique jewelry collectors are motivated to acquire new pieces based on a number of factors—rarity, prestige, resale potential, the allure of owning a ...

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