Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Bogus billionaire's wedding party cost B300,000, n...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Bogus billionaire's wedding party cost B300,000, n...: Bogus billionaire's  wedding  party cost B300,000, not B3.5m ... Bangkok Post - Oct. 3, 2019 BURI RAM: The organiser of a  lavis...

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Pearl Necklace said...

And the last one. On the issue of objectivity and subjectivity of time. Time acquired the status of objectivity exists, apart from the will and mind of man, moreover, as that time and its very existence.
However, the objectivity of time has symbolic value, as well as the subjectivity of the approach to this phenomenon. The concept of objectivity is linked to two factors. First, when the time becomes dominant, i.e. the unity of place, time and action is carried out in a General time. The second factor, when the time becomes universal and universal method of evaluation of private time in a particular place and when the action in question.
The correlation of objective and subjective in relation to the concept of time remains unclear and controversial, at least in the philosophical literature there is no acceptable solution. We think the solution to this problem is in a completely different plane of thinking about reality in a different paradigm of being, which requires a special discussion and research.
The concept of objectivity in philosophy is the basis of the paradigm of the correlation of objective and subjective, primary first and secondary second. However, with this approach, many questions remain. The concept of time, of course, is extremely subjective education. It is invented by man, to be able to provide some coordinates to describe such an important event in a person's life, as the period of existence and the other interacting object (interacting objects). Based on the foregoing, it can be argued that in itself as an absolute category does not exist. What is called the concept of "time", in fact there is only a human trait that is able to organize in his mind the sequence of actions of the various interactive features when solving some problem.
But this description of events exists in the mind as an opportunity, which people and used. More precisely, this program orientation is on the periods of existence itself and all of its interacting objects, inherent nature, which must be developed since childhood.