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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Royal couple back to work after lavish weddingThe ...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Royal couple back to work after lavish weddingThe ...: Royal couple back to work after  lavish wedding The Tribune - May 20, 2018 The beaming couple were seen driving to the evening bash ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Therefore, a person cannot arbitrarily shape objects to solve their tasks in the framework of a common, though specific, space. He always is limited, as, indeed, limited and any common. But if a person solves its task with the help of these objects, he is forced to find a new General specific space. Freedom of the object including the person is that he can move from one prostranstVA to another. And so on to infinity. However, in practice, it always has limited space, but not because of limited space, it is in principle infinite, but because the person and any object limiting yourself. They are limited to their abilities, knowledge, activity, energy, etc.
Space is a concept that describes first of all intellectual activity. Consciousness (space of consciousness) reflects a specific manner all the other objects, such as those that are outside consciousness and outside man, and those that are in man, but also out of consciousness. The concept of space describes a specific state of the object world, which is characterized primarily by inner activity, so-called mental activities. In other words, it is called the world thought, world consciousness, world view, etc.
The consciousness of the world and indeed the world, as inherent in every object of the world. It moves the physical world, but also the movement of the physical world provides an implementation of thought, for thought only living, then, when it passes from one object to another. And this is only possible by physical means. Anyway, for now nothing else is open and not invented (however, the concept of "open" and "invented" the content is the same).
To move from one object to another is possible only in space. In this case, the space is considered only as a kind of empty, at least excellent in its nature from the objects themselves. Space is the movement of thought as object from one fixed conscious object to another fixed object, carried on exclusively by an infinite number of other objects. So if one person as a complete object travels or goes to a meeting with another person to undertake communication, i.e. to convey, then he commits the movement through the mass of other objects, because of its properties which help people in this movement. The totality of these objects is called space. In this case it can be called the urban space, ground space, ground space, a space in which the movement.
To exist this (albeit urban) space can only under two conditions: first, there is the object which is committed to another object, to convey the idea ( including in material, physical form); and second, there are many other objects which necessarily has at least one property that facilitates this movement.
Different names of the space itself depend on how you interact with people when it reaches another object. As forms of interaction can be an infinite number, and names can be endless. However, the number of forms of interaction is still limited, and therefore the names of these forms can not be infinitely many. We have already given the names of these forms. In fact, there are a great many.