Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Devon Windsor shares an inside look at her St. Bar...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Devon Windsor shares an inside look at her St. Bar...: Devon Windsor shares an inside look at her St. Barth's  wedding - Nov. 21, 2019 Victoria's Secret model De...

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Pearl Necklace said...

The unity of place, time and action are always in space. But this is a space where place becomes common and dominant concept. In other words, space as a concept it is the same concept of space, but has a different meaning, and thus the name, only because this place has gained importance of General and became dominant.
So, time, speaking a kind of common element in relation to the unity of place, time and action, becomes the space in which develops, or is this unity. Accordingly, the place becoming shared towards the unity of place, time and action, so is the space. The same applies to the action.
However, we must distinguish between two concepts that have the same terminological expression, time and time, space and place, action and action. However, this applies to any concepts: the time is as a General and as a private place - as a General and as a private action - as a General and as a private. Accordingly, they have a different content as concepts and as objects. Despite the fact that the concept of space is acquired the status of an absolute category, and even a mystical content, in fact it is produced from the concept of place. It happened just at the moment when the man introduced himself not only on the surface of something, but within something. You could say the opposite when people found out that he is not only inside but also outside of something. In other words, people began to distinguish themselves in the position of inside and outside.
It created two concepts of space: place as space, that is, as a structured object, and place a flat object, of course, only in the perception of consciousness. Each concept describes various situations in various tasks. If the person solves the problem inside some object, it is treated as a space if it solves them at some object, the object will be perceived as a place.
While mandatory in the process of human activities present an object that is on the outside, and the object on which it develops human activity. In other words, man as, indeed, any other object is always in one and the same time is something, in some object performing the role of a common object, and at some object. The only difference in the perception of an object: in the process of its activity a person focuses on a particular object and accordingly describes them in different terms, putting different conceptual content.
In the process of development of consciousness of these concepts, i.e. "space" and "place" has acquired a kind of self-contained value, and very much dispersed, so much that is not perceived in the mind as related. The concept of space had its content a particular activity and how to be subordinate to knowledge. It acted as a downstream substrate. The space acquired an absolute and self-contained value.