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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: A look back at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's ...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: A look back at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's ...: A look back at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's  wedding HELLO! - Oct. 8, 2018 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's fairytal...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Strict sequence of preparation for sociological study, i.e. the formulation of policies first, and then personal issues should not be absolutized. Dilemma: first - the program or the questionnaire, is hardly acceptable, if you look at the program and methods of sociological research as the ratio of total and private.
A provision stating that the study should begin with programs, and then to develop a methodology, the principle is true, because getting to any job, we always begin with some General provisions. The difficulty lies in the fact that, starting with some General provisions, as a rule, incomplete and inaccurate in the early stages of research, we are immediately faced with unresolved or lack of knowledge on some specific issues.
Developing a program of research, forming some General conceptual provisions, the researcher at some stage of the theoretical work starts to "stumble", to feel an acute shortage of private empirical data which in some extent would confirm or refute the proposed General provisions, or at least hypothetically allowed to Express them. In this respect the questionnaire to represent a hypothetical expression of some empirical material, i.e. in the application form as if laid a certain empirical material, which, as suggested by the researcher will be present in the result of the survey.
If I ask the question "are You satisfied...?", thus as a researcher I assume that this condition, as the satisfaction or dissatisfaction, may be present in the study of the object, and thus play a role in the formation of certain policy provisions. Ignorance does not allow it and to operate in the formation of the General provisions. If I, as a researcher is the result of some logical operations the new knowledge, the assumption of the presence of some phenomenon, I should be convinced of the reality of his existence and to know the form of its existence. It can only confirm a specific study. Therefore, they say that any empirical research is the beginning of new theories and new research, as well as the new theory finds its continuation in a specific sociological study.
Without dwelling on the ratio of total and private in a philosophical sense, we emphasize that their development is in parallel, vzaimousilivat and complement each other. Practically, this is expressed as follows. As soon as a sociologist begins to solve some General problem, in this case the preparation of the programme of study to develop a common conceptual framework, in front of him, immediately get up some private problems and he feels the need for a specific empirical material, and the most diverse in level of generality and depth. At the same time, trying to solve specific issues, for example to develop the methodology of the study (questionnaire), he is inevitably aware of the need to address common issues, i.e. the formulation of policies. Knowledge of concrete without at least the rough idea about the General solution does not provide neither General nor private, and Vice versa, knowing only the General, not to solve specific questions of the empirical material.