Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: German Soccer Star Is the Groom. Turkey's Presiden...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: German Soccer Star Is the Groom. Turkey's Presiden...: German Soccer Star Is the Groom. Turkey's President Is the ... The New York Times - Jun. 8, 2019 The details of Mr. Ozil's  ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

The concept of time in the course of thinking about the world has some mystical significance. Time still defines and dominates a man, it limits some limits and dictates the direction of existence etc.
In fact, the time same as the product of consciousness, like any other, describing a particular situation in the solution of man's challenges. Special this phenomenon is due to the specific combination of phenomena or objects. These objects include the man himself in all the richness and diversity of its characteristics, and the space it takes, and the actions that he commits, and therefore the problem itself. Latest is consciousness the same as a self-object that has very real shape and features, and interacting with all other objects in the outer and inner world of man.
But a special category of time becomes only in a case where it becomes dominant, defining at some stage in the solution of man's problem of choice of action and place. More precisely, the dominant feature becomes not as separately existing object, and that a special condition external to the person objects and their interactions, which begin to define human life not only locally, while solving its problems, but in a broader context, i.e. the rest of his life, and perhaps life itself
What is this specific state of an object, which man calls time? In fact, this period of existence of the object from its birth to its death or decay (natural or forced by other objects), which depends on the solution of man's challenges. But the period of existence of any object of little concern to humans. What man calls time is the period of existence of the object (the person as an object or other interactive objects), for which he needs to have time to solve the problem. Period the existence of the object becomes dominant, if the person does not have time to solve an extremely important task for him. That is why he attaches so great importance in their conceptual designs for this phenomenon, and marked his word, a term, a symbol, a concept of "time".
To get married you need to have time during the period of active marriage to solve their problem, i.e. to find a husband or wife. If during this period the problem is not resolved, the person can lose the most important ¡continue to race etc with all the negative consequences that emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to catch to commit this action (and therefore in the right place), i.e. to decide in a certain space-time ¡activity continuum. In other words, be sure to manage to find their place and to make the action in a space, i.e. relative to other objects, and in the period of their existence as objects (i.e. in time), and accordingly during the existence of the entire system of interaction.
The period of existence of each of the interacting objects is limited and varies, and together they have a limited lifetime. And if you do not follow the time changes that eventually necessity lead to the disintegration of the object, the person may not be able to solve the problem. That is why he constantly and watching intently to see what stage of formation or dissolution of an object (not just a separate object, and the whole system of interacting objects), seeks to have an accurate view of its place in the continuum of changes in the periods of the existence of the interacting objects and the sequence of their actions.