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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: All About Star Jones' Wedding Gown that Made Her F...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: All About Star Jones' Wedding Gown that Made Her F...: All About Star Jones'  Wedding  Gown that Made Her Feel Like ... - Mar. 28, 2018 Star Jones tied the knot over the we...

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Pearl Necklace said...

In the philosophical encyclopedia States that "space and time - the General forms of existence of matter, namely, forms of coordination of material objects and phenomena". The problem of knowledge and of philosophy in particular is that the description of an unfamiliar object is always in the beginning of the study in the most General categories. On closer examination it appears that the General concept has a complex structure, whose elements can describe completely different objects being or one and the same object from different positions. It turns out that General concept becomes inaccurate, incomplete, leads the researcher to the phantom reality, far from the truth which man needs to solve his task.
The assertion that "space" and "time" are the most common categories, the most common forms of existence of matter, it is very difficult to challenge. The concept of "the General" certainly can be attributed to the concept of "space" to the concept of "time". But in this formulation of the question, they become like so universal that comprise almost all matter. Thus they become as if over matter, which in principle cannot logically be.
This allows us to assert that given the definition of space is not entirely accurate, although we cannot say that it is not accurate. Space and time can be both General and particular forms of the existence of something, you can say matter. But the symptom of a General can possess any object of matter, each in its domain of existence. In this sense, space and time are only objects, and ordinary objects of matter, which of course may have a status in common, but again only within your sphere of existence and nothing more.
The concept of "common form", implies, as we have said, to represent space and time standing over a man and all objects of matter, causing them, which is unacceptable even in a simple logical reasoning, if the matter is not to imagine as well as a universal form of existence of objects, which inevitably leads to logical absurdities. Is something you can not, can only be included in the General cycle of matter where there is definitely something in common, and at the same time is part of the public.
Space and time as objects in the world in interaction, of course, establish the scope of interactive objects and even, one might say, coordinate them. However, coordination involves or has a tinge of absolute determination, which in principle is not acceptable for any form of matter. The coordinating function in relation to any object performs any other object of matter, and in this respect time and space are not unique. Rather, they act as ordinary objects of matter.
"...Space and time cannot exist outside of matter and independent of it". This means that space and time are included in matter, are a part of it. But space and time cannot be an absolute form of coordination of objects of nature, as already mentioned. Therefore, there is no absolute neither "over" nor "under". There is only a relative "above" and "below".