Thursday, November 28, 2019

Story image for lavish wedding from Us Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Thought She Was Drugged, Ran Around ...

Us Magazine-Aug. 28, 2015
... at her millionaire pal Justin Etzin's lavish wedding to model Lana Zakocela in ... the troubled star made a scene throughout the wedding weekend, which was ...
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First look at Vincent Simone's lavish wedding as Strictly star ...

Daily Mail-Jul. 27, 2015
'She asked me to perform with one of my Strictly ex-partners but I said, "No, it's our wedding, I want to dance with you." We decided to do the normal smooch.'.
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Saskatoon comes together to provide dream wedding for ...

Saskatoon StarPhoenix-Dec. 6, 2015
Athar Farroukh and Mohamad Al-Noury got the wedding they always wanted. The couple, refugees from Syria, was given a lavish wedding reception Sunday ...


Pearl Necklace said...

The concept of "dominant" is an amazing education and a little developed on the concept of "unity of place, time and action." The first paradoxical conclusion is that, being an objective phenomenon as a necessary form of human existence, it is determined only by the individual himself or rather his task which he sets himself in the process of interaction with the outside world. This position is determined again, the principle of which has already been mentioned. The unity of place, time and action as an objective phenomenon can only take place according to the principle: in one place, at one time may be only one action. In other words, the result of the unity of place, time and action can be either in time or in action, or in one place as a total for it (the result) of the system. And, as we have said, the dominant determines the nature of the unity of place, time and action.
So, if a young man has set himself the mandatory to marry this lovely girl who really liked him, i.e. to perform an action, then it becomes dominant, which determines the time and place of action. What difference does it make where and when to marry ( within certain limits, of course), if only to marry her. If the young man saw in the subway a girl who really liked him, and he understands that the time to explore it is limited, it becomes dominant. And so on. And no other dominant cannot be, since no other simply does not exist.
Thus, the dominant ¡it is not carried out the task set by the man. Or rather, not the problem itself, and the form of its expression. Since the problem can be solved only in time or in space, they naturally become dominant under certain conditions. It turns a complex configuration of concepts: dominance is a form, common system, a task which seems to contradict each other. Actually we are talking about the same phenomenon, but takes many forms (different aspects) in the solution of certain specific problems.
The phenomenon of , is the unity of place, time and action. It is a form because only in this unity can exist the entire world and its individual parts. The phenomenon is common to the system as soon as we consider the nature of its constituent elements. Naturally, all of them (the internal elements) to obey it, i.e. the General form, which acts on them by the law. This phenomenon becomes a problem when a person builds a hypothetical system of its conduct and its result. So do not be surprised to this combination of concepts as "a man builds a task how to build task", because in this case the two words "objective" ¢ is not a tautology, it is a different concept, a different form of action and different content.
The world is United in its diversity, but this unity is only man that uses this objective form of its existence, as the unity of place, time and action.

Pearl Necklace said...

The whole field of existence of matter is a field of interaction. The object of our interpretations is a complete education, has its place in the system of other objects, its goals and objectives of the action and the duration of its existence.
As the object in the framework of solving the problem of the unity of place, time and action are the people, the other object, action, time, place, a shared system, which can be any object. These are the basic objects. They are usually a bit, they are direct participants in interaction. But there are more non-core objects, that is to say, the objects of the second, third plan. The main objects are always three, because the interaction always occurs between two objects using a third. All other objects ¢ objects of the second plan.
Each object contains its own system of objects as elements, which also interact with each other, but always within the shared object, content, nature, form, and mechanism of existence which are the laws of existence for its internal objects. All these objects are in varying degrees, we will continue to consider.
The basic mechanism and principle of interaction ¡it is a system treasurytag interaction.