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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger: A timeli...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger: A timeli...: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger: A timeline of their ... (UK) - Jan. 15, 2019 The picnic date happened on ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

To build a pyramid ¡this is one action, to see the tourist pyramid ¡also single action, although these actions are different elapsed time in the conventional measurement. The construction of the pyramids was a long process, but it is their building is the one activity which is fixed in the concept of "one" within the General concept of "unity of place, time and action." Inspection of the pyramids takes negligible time in comparison with their construction, but as a complete action, defined its task, it is characterized as a single action with its specific content.
The main difficulty for the analysis of this concept lies in the fact that any one (one place, one action, one time) is in itself, in principle, infinite and inexhaustible. This means that, for example, a single action (or rather what man calls "one action") contains an infinite number of other actions as its structural elements, which define the nature and content of this action. One place contains an infinite number of structural elements contributing to the object; one time, no matter how small it may be always structurally indefinitely. For example, the division into seconds, nanoseconds, etc. can be endless as the universe itself.
However, the thesis of the inexhaustibility of the object often leads to the bad infinity, at least in logical reasoning, and man is not able to perform any action. Before you commit to some action, it is necessary to conduct its division into first, second, third and so on to infinity. In logical reasoning it is impossible to find that one thing that defines all actions.
Man with his limitless desire for formalization and actualization of phenomena has driven itself into a dead end, accidentally discovering that nothing solid there, everything has a structure, which besides also endless. But it would be wrong to begrudge him that: it is through the elucidation of the inexhaustibility of the object the person is able to understand the phenomenon of "one", because one exists only in comparison with many. In addition, due to the understanding that any one has a complex structure, he was able without falling into bad infinity in the enumeration of all the structural elements, we need to choose a place that is able to solve the problem.
It should be noted the fundamental position. The concept of "one" ¡ it's not very small action (otherwise, we'd Park myself at a logical impasse, because the extremely small size this is a vague concept and endless action, and an extremely large value, which theoretically and practically have no solutions), not the smallest particle, not an atom, not a brick, albeit kind. The concept of "one" reflects the most important principle of life-the principle of discreteness of the world, which means the division of the world into objects that constitute a complete education.
The concept of "one" captures a kind of atomic status, but not in the sense of very small. One is a kind of solid education, a complete and closed on itself which is a separate object that has the right and opportunity to interact with any other entities having the status of "one."