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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: She Wanted Lavish, He Was Fine With City HallNew Y...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: She Wanted Lavish, He Was Fine With City HallNew Y...: She Wanted  Lavish , He Was Fine With City Hall New York Times (blog) - Jun. 8, 2018 The moment Chauncey Kearney broke out in a rash...

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Pearl Necklace said...

This provision demonstrates the path of the Explorer from the most General category to its private manifestations. It now remains to deal with the relationship between the concepts of "General" and "part". Agreeing that space and time can have the status of General necessity and are part of the matter included in it, it can be argued that space and time can have a status of shared or private, but in total different time or in a different shared space, as discussed in the paragraph "Time". Thus, space and time become ordinary objects of matter with characteristics and content, inherent to any object. So, a person can be a vessel for God himself to be God and prays God as the Almighty, or General, depending on the task that he, the man of the moment decides.
"...Space is the universal form of existence of bodies, time is the universal form of change of phenomena." There seems to be to return to the old understanding of the universal, which is clearly contrary to the previous phrase. However, it can be interpreted that way.
In fact the body (as well as phenomena in General setting the objects) can only exist in space, i.e. according to our interpretation in terms of the existence of other objects or of the object. Not space as an absolute form defines the boundaries and location of an object, namely the object (or the object) of nature define the boundaries and the place of existence of the object included in it. It is known that any object included in another object. What man calls space, in fact, is the existence of some object (or objects) in which cancers are there is the man himself, operates, serves its purpose.
The same applies to the concept or object time. Time is not an absolute form, time is the period of life of the object, which (period) the person has time to solve his problem. (See more about this in the section "Time").
The concept of "space" and "time" has in the philosophy of a very complex, multiform and varied interpretation. The analysis of these interpretations, of course, is extremely interesting and important and even necessary task. But the researcher needs to have its own concept about these ideas, which can only be done by refining all the wealth of philosophical thought.