Saturday, November 30, 2019

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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Buckingham Palace announces ANOTHER Royal wedding ...: Buckingham Palace announces ANOTHER Royal  wedding  as ... The Sun - Sep. 19, 2018 THERE is another Royal  Wedding  on the horizon, ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

The same is happening in sociological research, and to facilitate this process builds the specified logic circuit. It must be emphasized that the construction of a conceptual schema, model relationships, and overall interpretation of the concepts are quite difficult and little developed in sociological practice procedure. The difficulty lies in the fact that of the variety of phenomena that define a particular concept, you must choose those which, while remaining within the framework of this concept, solve this problem. In this respect, any notion, in principle, inexhaustible and fully interpreted empirically, i.e., our empirical interpretation is always incomplete, partial. The result is a paradoxical phenomenon: when studying the same phenomena it is possible to build any system of analysis (relatively, of course), which often leads to various logical operations and various insights. The adequacy of this or that scheme of objective reality is ultimately tested by practice, in this case, specific sociological research. We can say that whatever is logically coherent system of reasoning we have not built, it will remain speculative as long as its truth does not confirm or refute practice, the course of real events. So not enough to check only the logical validity of the conceptual system, although very important, must be tested in the specific study.
After the development of such a scheme meaningful formulation of that question is of great difficulty. Now the researcher, with this scheme, can clearly explain why a particular question which he plays a role in the research system.
Development, drafting the questionnaire is the final step of a long journey that begins with identifying key research issues and programmatic issues.
It is also necessary to say that a conceptual scheme is developed not only for the translation of questions in the questionnaire. Its significance is wider. After getting processed by computer of materials of the sociological research, where all the information is formalized and represented in a linear distribution, double or triple bonds or the coefficients of the conceptual scheme is already like logical system of analysis of the received information is a key questionnaire. Without such a logical system the whole sociological information is only a pile of numbers.
Of course, all researchers are not even fully aware of, mandatory building a system of logical analysis, but often independent or very weakly dependent of the initial conceptual framework. This occurs often due to incomplete understanding of a meaningful value of certain conceptual relations. That is why it happens that when analyzing the same dataset by different researchers, the results are sometimes, if not opposite, it is very different. Concept allows you to clearly analyze the concepts in line with those of the conceptual provisions, which are incorporated in the research program, and ultimately to answer the software question. This is its main advantage and this is determined by the necessity of its compilation.
Again, it bears repeating that, despite all the evidence of the conclusion about the necessity of a programme of research, in most cases, novice sociologists, getting to the topic, do not bother to define the main goals and objectives of the study, formulation of questions, elaboration of the conceptual provisions. Without further ADO, they start directly with the wording of the questions and completing the questionnaire. It is often the reason for the failure of sociological research.