Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Have smaller weddings with less food, Uzbeks toldB...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Have smaller weddings with less food, Uzbeks toldB...: Have smaller  weddings  with less food, Uzbeks told BBC News - Mar. 16, 2018 A wedding costs around $20,000 in a country where peopl...

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Pearl Necklace said...

For space, as already noted, this is what something is that can solve his task. Space - a container in which something always is available. Differently, if the person has something to solve their problem, it is always in some kind of container, ie in space. In this regard, the space should always be and always have.
Accordingly, the space always has its own characteristics, symptoms, frame of existence, its contents and the nature of the action, direction, etc., in short everything that is inherent in any object. The content space as an object define its elements, parts, or contents of the container. No matter what objects gathered accidentally or especially together, but they definitely have their own space, or rather, they formed their own space, which inevitably acquires the status of a particular object. Conversely, if you have the space, then there are some form elements in it.
But it is important to understand the concepts of space and its parts, space as the object itself and objects that do not belong to the space, but contain it. When I say space is my home, involve some boundaries at home, which are things I am. By themselves they are irrelevant to space not have and even do not form. But they assume the presence of specific boundaries, volume, characteristics of their. In this case, house wall, roof, ceiling, area, height, thickness, special material and much more. All this is my space in which I live, i.e. decide for themselves the vital task. This task was constructed this space as a special object, with its special characteristics, content, settings, etc.
But, again, this space was formed by those objects ( me as a person, things that I will use, etc.), whose characteristics in no way belong to the feature space. And it turns out that some objects create other objects that are not a copy but fundamentally different in their characteristics. Like this, how to overcome the gap between these objects, what is the mechanism of such a transformation?
Allowed this transition is relatively simple: between objects is formed endless so-called transitional objects, the transformation of matter from one state to another, where each time the matter definitely takes some specific and special form. Many such transformations, most of which we hardly notice ultimately leads to a new education. Visually it has such a great specific features that we have to conclude that the formation of a fundamentally new object, of course, in comparison with the object which, for us, for whatever reason made the original.
We are not talking about such a primitive mechanism, when my Desk is gradually becoming the walls of the house, and I as a biological creature turn into its roof. But the space of the house is formed by multiple transitions of the characteristics of things and of myself. This mechanism is so complex and diverse that to describe it in three or even in some dimension, or even in any known way today is almost impossible. The only thing we can say that each object is to implement such a transition must be for its range of object characteristics, properties, which, passing from one state to another, link the various objects, and thus form a new.