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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Real Weddings: Christine and LuisToronto Life-Mar....

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Real Weddings: Christine and LuisToronto Life-Mar....: Real  Weddings : Christine and Luis Toronto Life - Mar. 15, 2018 Christine Tessaro, the founder of boutique fitness studio Spokehaüs...

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The deepening of the notion by means of a series of similar concepts. The fact that the answer to one question may not always give sufficiently accurate information. Thus, the detection of the level of political activity of the population (e.g., during elections), the concept of "political activity" stands for in the context of a relationship or in the framework of the action, i.e. a statement of fact perform any political actions evidence a particular level of political activity, but for deeper characteristics of the phenomenon of this fact is not enough. Asks a series of questions, which fixes the level of awareness of the actions of the respondents, their attitude to acts of political demonstration, the performance or effectiveness of these acts, etc. by Obtaining this information, the researcher already with a greater degree of confidence and certainty can judge the true level of political activity on the subject in the group of respondents.
Consideration of the phenomenon under study in different aspects. To explore the process can not only in depth (as discussed above), but from different points of view.
Detailing General conceptsthat apply in cases when is used the concept of the great community or the researcher is to ensure that the information obtained during the survey are not influenced by any random effects. There is a series of questions describing or duplicating the General concept.
Survey questions are empirical reflection of the conceptual content of the research program are not always clearly captured, especially at the level of ordinary consciousness, hierarchy of concepts, from most General to specific actions. For example, if you are going to buy a Desk, i.e., to perform a specific action, first we perform some logical operation with the concepts of the total concept of "table" go to pomponatius "written dvuhtumbovyh table dark", etc., before settling on some level concepts. In principle, this process is infinite, and while we argue, we do not do the action (although the reasoning is the same action, but different order), but once the action starts to occur, in this case the purchase of the table, at the same time we stop making a conceptual division. When this division is delayed, saying: "enough talk, let's get to work".