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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: The 23 Biggest Weddings of the YearTownandCountrym...

Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: The 23 Biggest Weddings of the YearTownandCountrym...: The 23 Biggest  Weddings  of the Year - Dec. 27, 2018 This was a banner year for  weddings , boasting not one,...

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Pearl Necklace said...

The General and the particular, or specific and General, have special education that defines how the coordinate system of a person's actions when solving his tasks and received a special conceptual and terminological designation. People will always do specifically, ie does a single action in any one place at any one certain time. Specific means to make full, finished and completed the action in full, completed, and finished the spot and in full completed and finished in time.
When a young person comes out at a set place, hence this place to solve this task is to meet ¢ is a complete and self-education. In the same way as a fixed time. But if you tell your girlfriend, as in the famous song: "...only show me on the globe the place a first date with you...", the place is not finished, not certain and cannot be the object for your needs. To say to a girl that I'll meet you in Moscow, will only mean that the young person does not want to meet her.
The constancy of time and space in an infinite number of acts committed at different times and in different places. But time, space and action are two forms: in each case the action is performed only when there is collective action as a set of actions, total time as a set of times, common place as a set of places. In other words, my specific and private action can be performed only if there is a common field of action. Outside of it no action is impossible. But the General field of action is possible only as a set of particular actions. In each case, the ratio of private actions and common fields of action are related as the General and the particular. This means that private action is subject to certain rules common field of action.
This equally applies to time and space. Each action is performed only in a private time and place. But private the time, place and action performed in common time in a common space and a common field of action. It is only important that is currently dominant: the total time or the total space or total effect. Depending on this, different solved the ratio of space and time and are subjected to various actions.
It can be stated: in different places may perform any number of actions, but only one time. However, each separate action can be taken only in some one place. This means that at one time may be a lot of action and there may be many places where these actions are performed, but the number of actions must be equal to the number of seats. It is known that in one place may be only one action, and if action a lot, and places should be plenty. Actions can be different or identical in content. The same acts committed at the same time, but different people are different actions. It is clear that actions must be perfect in different places, because in one place at one time cannot be done on different actions.