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Bridal Pearl Necklace : Wedding Pearl Jewelry: Search ResultsPippa Middleton marries in lavish, s...: Search Results Pippa Middleton marries in  lavish , semi-royal  wedding USA TODAY - May 20, 2017 Here comes the most famous brid...

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Pearl Necklace said...

In this regard, refer to my favourite philosopher Kant, in his work "Critique of pure reason". The above quotation is so clear and intuitive that they require no comment.
"Space and time contain a manifold of pure a priori visual presentation, but at the same time they belong to the conditions of the receptivity of our soul, which can only be acquired notions of objects and which therefore must always affect on concepts of objects" (p. 102).
"The concept of space in this science applies only to the external sensory world, as space is a pure form of visual representations, which, therefore, all geometrical cognition as based on a priori visual representation pokachivaet its evidence and in which the objects are given by means of the knowledge in the visual representation a priori (from the form)" (p. 120).
. "As the subject may appear to us, i.e. to be the object of empirical visual presentation, only by means of such pure forms of sensibility, space and time is the essence of pure pictorial representations, contains a priori condition for the possibility of objects" (p. 122).
"In order to cognize something in space, e.g. a line, I have to spend it, i.e. to implement synthetically a certain connection of the manifold, so that the unity of this act is, however, the unity of consciousness (in the concept of lines), and thus the first known object (a space). Synthetic unity of consciousness is therefore an objective condition of all knowledge; not only I need him to know the object, but every visual representation should stand under him to make for me object because any other way and without this synthesis the manifold would not unite in one consciousness" (p. 138).
"However, space and time are themselves not only as foRwe a sensual visual presentation, but also as a visual presentation, containing a variety of therefore, a priori determination of unity of this diversity" (p. 160).