Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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JCK Las Vegas 2018 Postscript: 8 Important Vintage Jewels

JCK-Jun. 12, 2018
There were so many delightful discoveries during JCK Las Vegas, and one of my most memorable days involved a foray into the new Estate Jewelry & Watch ...
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This Fall, Stores Are Full of Chunky Gold Earrings that Look ...

StyleCaster-Oct. 10, 2018
Chunky vintage jewelry—specifically, chunky, vintage-looking gold statement earrings—which offer contemporary maximalists the chance to pay homage to ...
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What to Do if You Inherit Jewelry You Don't Like

TownandCountrymag.com-Feb. 21, 2018
"Inherited jewelry is so meaningful, but often, because the design or settings are ... "Think about those beautiful antique or vintage pieces that you are attached to ...
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7 Under-the-Radar Jewelry Designers to Know Now

ELLE.com-Mar. 23, 2018
Make some room in your jewelry box—and in your budget—because there's so ... She's also a passionate collector of vintage jewelry, some of which she sells.

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