Saturday, November 16, 2019

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W Network says 'yes to the dress' at Woodbridge bridal shop 3, 2015
Everyone wants to know what Sam Pollari had to do to catch the attention of television producers with plans to bring a beloved American reality show to Canada.
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Why I went the vintage route for my wedding dress

The Globe and Mail-Jan. 23, 2015
I love the hunt, the search for something I didn't know was right until I saw it. It's why I rarely shop online. How can I enter a search term for something I haven't ...
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Bridal shop owner: 'I want to make it right' 24, 2015
The owner of a West Des Moines bridal shop said she plans to “make it right” for customers who lost money or did not receive the wedding gowns they ordered.

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Calling All Boho Brides: Free People Debuts A Wedding ...

Refinery29-May 15, 2015
Is it just us, or have wedding gowns gotten a seriously cool makeover as of late? ... Click through for a sneak peek; then, shop FPEverAfter exclusively online ...

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