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Story image for wedding dress shopping from BuzzFeed News

17 Wedding Dress Diagrams That Will Simplify Your Shopping

BuzzFeed News-Apr. 18, 2015
If you're dying for a ball gown dress, you might want to reconsider a beach wedding. Plan out your priorities so you don't get overwhelmed while shopping.
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See the Emotional Moment When Little People, Big World's ...

People Magazine-Aug. 4, 2015
Before Tori Patton Roloff said 'I do' to husband Zach, the bride-to-be searched for the perfect dress to wear for her walk down the aisle at the family farm.
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7 Lessons on Love and Marriage From the Love & Hip Hop ...

Glamour-May 26, 2015
LOVE & HIP HOP SAYS: "Mothers-in-law come looking for wedding dresses? Oh, they do? Well not mine." —bride, on not inviting her future MIL dress shopping.
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The Mindy Project recap: The Lahiris and the Castellanos

Entertainment Weekly (blog)-Nov. 24, 2015
Mindy agrees to go dress shopping at Gretchen's Bridal Pile and Beeper Store with Annette and Dot, where she presumably tries on eight nun-like wedding ...


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