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Story image for wedding dress shopping from New York Times

Unbreakable Bonds in the Folds of a Wedding Dress

New York Times-May 8, 2015
When Olivia Krieger went shopping for a wedding dress last July, she was only 15 years old. No, there was no plan for her to become a child bride. She wasn't ...
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This Is How Hannah, Marnie, and the Rest of the Girls Do ...

POPSUGAR-Dec. 2, 2015
Who better to seek wedding inspiration from than our favorite Girls squad: ... la Renta gown, her second ceremony of the year took a decidedly bohemian route. ... the aisle, then shop for similar bridal designs inspired by the four best friends.
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How one woman's $5 million embezzlement led to this epic ...

Washington Post-Nov. 18, 2015
“Today the plan is to find the wedding dress and then hopefully the reception dress ... been dragging her feet on dress shopping – but Shima is no procrastinator.
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WNBA's Brittney Griner, Glory Johnson Pick a Wedding Dress

People Magazine-Jan. 30, 2015
But it was her bride-to-be, fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson, who took the driver's seat when the pair went shopping for a gown that Johnson would wear down ...


Pearl Necklace said...

The transition from homogeneous to
equally heterogeneous is reflected in the progress of civilization, and in
the progress of each nation and continues with constantly increasing rapidity.
As we see in the still existing wild tribes, society in its
the first and lowest form is a homogeneous collection of individuals, with
the same power and the same activities; the only noticeable difference
there is due to the difference of sex. Every man is warrior, hunter, fisherman,
gunsmith, Builder; every woman performs the same homework. With
very early then, however, in the process of social development we find
the emerging differentiation between rulers and ruled. Something
like seniority is, it seems, simultaneously with the beginnings of the transition from
the state of separate wandering families to the state of the nomadic tribe.
The authority of the strongest makes itself feel in the wild, in a herd
animals or a crowd of pupils. Initially, however, the authority of this
uncertain, precarious; they are other members, with approximately
the same power; it is not accompanied by any difference in occupation or
lifestyle: the first ruler kills his prey, he makes his
the weapon, he builds his hut and, from an economic point of view, no
differs from other members of his tribe. Little by little, increasing
tribe, the distinction between rulers and ruled becomes more
certain. Supreme power becomes hereditary in one family;
the head of this family, being unable himself to take care of their needs, takes
services of others and begins to learn the only role of the ruler. Near
this control began to arise akin of his view of management - management

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In the thin crust thus formed,
seems to us the first noticeable differentiation. Further cooling
and dependent thickening of the crust followed by the deposition of all able
to seal the elements contained in the atmosphere, had finally
produce and concentration of water, which existed first in the form of steam. This
there was a second significant differentiation, and as the condensation must
to happen on the coldest parts of the surface, near the poles,
thus was formed the first geographical distinction in
parts of the Earth. To this evidence of increasing heterogeneity, which
although based on the known laws of matter, but still can be considered
more or less hypothetical, Geology adds a long row of such,
installed inductive way. Studies show that
The earth is becoming more and more heterogeneous as multiplication layers,
forming its bark, then, that it became more nebulous and
regarding the composition of these layers, the last of which is formed from
the wreckage of the old layers have become extremely complicated through the mixing
they contained materials and, finally, that this heterogeneity significantly
increased action still hot core of the Earth to its surface, causing
and there was not only a huge variety of plutonic mountains but
the inclination of the deposited layers at different angles, the formation of gaps,
metal lived and infinite wrongness and Dodge Geologists say
yet, because of the size of elevations on the Earth's surface has changed, that the oldest
mountain system least high and that the Andes and the Himalayas is the essence of exaltation
latest, meanwhile, according to all probabilities, and on the bottom of the ocean was
the corresponding changes. The result of these continuous differentiation
it turns out that on the surface no two any significant
spaces are identical among themselves in shape, the geological structure
or in chemical composition, and that the characteristic properties of the Earth change
almost every mile. In addition, should not forget that at the same time
this occurred a gradual differentiation of climates.