Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Van Dell Jewelers-Designers

Palm Beach Post-Jul. 29, 2018
Van Dell Jewelers specializes in Custom Jewelry, buying and selling of Estate Jewelry, fine jewelry repairs of all kinds and buying and selling of all size ...
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Old Meets New: 4 Jewelry Designers Reviving Antique Items

Robb Report-Jan. 11, 2018
One of jewelry's greatest draws is the promise that it will stand the test of time. Just think about it—there's a reason why you're more likely to inherit your ...
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Your old Polly Pocket toys could be worth hundreds of dollars

Today.com-Jan. 9, 2018
The most valuable vintage Polly Pockets were released between 1989 and 1998, when the British company Bluebird Toys still owned the brand. Bluebird ...
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Session 1 sale of the Carole Tanenbaum vintage costume ...

ArtfixDaily-Jun. 2, 2018
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Session 1 of selected items from the single-owner collection of vintage costume jewelry belonging to Carole Tanenbaum – an astounding ...

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