Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from AnOther Magazine

How to Find the Most Unusual Vintage Costume Jewellery

AnOther Magazine-Mar. 22, 2018
“I started having an interest vintage jewellery because I lived in the east end of London and I didn't have any money. So I used to go to the Jewish jumble sales ...
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Canada's largest vintage event is happening in Toronto

Daily Hive-Sep. 21, 2018
Over 125 vendors will be selling everything from pristine swinging sixties clothing to vintage bridal wear. You'll also find accessories, handbags, jewelry and ...
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How To Buy Vintage Wears According To the Experts

Forbes-Sep. 28, 2018
Vintage clothing and accessories are full of charm; whether it's the 60s mod era, the Studio54 disco decade of the 70s or the goth-esq minimalism of the 90s ...
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Love, death and history merge in Athens artist's jewelry

Atlanta Journal Constitution-Jun. 29, 2018
Dressed in boots and jeans and a vintage '60s sundress, Lola Brooks sits at a large wooden table in a tidy 1,000-square-foot studio behind the 19th century ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

March can be played on a piano in the apartment, but his true sphere --
a military band in the square, on the street or in the garden," (Ibid.P. 187).
Era of revolutionary upheaval are looking for wide spaces, they are directed
to capture as large numbers of listeners. This process
the expanding space. And not less important reverse process - "the age
the creation and then the distribution in Europe of the songs of Schubert -- it's a contraction
music in small spaces, in the form of song lyrics, designed for
a small friendly club and mental concentration. Not because of the song
Schubert traveled slowly that the crowns were too frivolous and
because then Vienna familiar forms of music-making (aristocratic
salon, theatre, concert hall, garden, area) did not meet the modest
the scale of intimate lyrics" (Ibid. P. 187-188). "Song without words"
Mendelssohn is associated with the emergence of a new type of cabin -- living room
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Zvukotesne" (ibid.P.188).
B. Asafiev even more widely poses the problem of influence, including in
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affect the melos. Still very small (even almost not)
included the effects on the forms of musical speech and design
musical works of methods, techniques, skills and General dynamics and
design of the oratory, however, the rhetoric could not be
extremely influential in relation to music as an expressive language
factor" (ibid. P. 31). In the first place he has in mind
campaign the focus of the music cult, unlike, for example, from
music salon. (In our time such influence has been traced in
next job: Zakharova O. Rhetoric and Western music
XVII-first half XVIII century: principles, methods. -- M., 1983).
In the second book "of the Musical form...", first published in 1947,
B. Asafiev also gives a lot of observations