Saturday, November 16, 2019

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These Are The Assholes Who Ruined Your Wedding Dress ...

Jezebel-Jan. 29, 2015
I really should have known better. My own wedding dress shopping experience was an excruciating nightmare — why I thought that culling through nearly 700 ...
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Allison Williams Shares the Secret Behind Her Oscar de la ... (blog)-Oct. 31, 2015
... Shares the Secret Behind Her Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress Design ... into dress-shopping—a non-negotiable need for long sleeves: "I'm always cold!
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Big Bang Theory Teases Penny and Leonard's Wedding in ...

Us Magazine-Sep. 18, 2015
stands next to him in her short pink wedding dress and white veil. (There was no time to go dress shopping, remember?! Plus, it's a sweet reminder of when the ...
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Big brides and proud of it! Inside the plus-size wedding dress ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 12, 2015
I'm in The Big Day, one of Britain's few plus-size bridal shops, where co-owner Paula Grayson explains: 'The largest lady we have ever had was over a size 40.


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