Friday, November 15, 2019

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Try on virtual outfits ...

The Straits Times-Feb. 3, 2016
Shopping for a wedding gown can be a tiring and time-consuming process. According to Ms Teo Pei Ru, managing director and owner of La Belle Couture ...
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Nicole Williams Is Ready to Get Engaged in Mexico, But ...

E! Online-Jul. 31, 2016
When Barbie and Olivia meet for a pedicure and pampering, the bride-to-be ... how Nicole decided to try on a gown when they went wedding dress shopping.
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This FINALLY explains why wedding dresses are so expensive 23, 2016
Some describe a wedding dress as the most "important" or "special" dress that ... so it's helpful to keep the below in mind when shopping for one of the biggest ...
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Adrienne Bailon Had to Practice Walking with Her Wedding ... 17, 2016
Most people have a wedding rehearsal, but Adrienne Bailon had an entire rehearsal dedicated to walking in her dress. “I had to practice walking in it,” the ...

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