Friday, November 15, 2019

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The Bride Wore What? Making the Case for the Sexy Wedding ... 11, 2016
Making the Case for the Sexy Wedding Dress ... bodysuits, airy tees, and vintage Levi's, it's the only way to approach wedding dress shopping—with an edge.
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This Cool-Girl Brand Is Launching Wedding Dresses & They're ...

Refinery29-Oct. 28, 2016
This Cool-Girl Brand Is Launching Wedding Dresses & They're Under $1K ... Basically, it's a one-stop shop for any woman who isn't interested in spending hours ...

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Are Short Dresses The Cool-Girl Answer To Bridal Gowns?

Refinery29-Apr. 28, 2016
The search for the "perfect" wedding dress is dizzying, to say the least — especially ... Front Row Shop Mesh and Lace Dress, $61, available at Front Row Shop.
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This Company Just Changed Wedding Dress Shopping as We ...

POPSUGAR-Nov. 1, 2016
There's undeniable magic that comes with shopping for a wedding dress. Imagine browsing through countless racks, only to finally lay eyes on The One.

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