Friday, November 15, 2019

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Martha Stewart Throws Bridal-Gown Shade On Say Yes To ...

Refinery29-Mar. 5, 2016
Imagine going bridal shopping with Martha Stewart, queen of luxurious events for the very rich (and those who shop at Kmart). Picking out a wedding gown with ...
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18 Prom Dress Nightmares That Prove You Should Never Buy ... 29, 2016
18 Prom Dress Nightmares That Prove You Should Never Buy Your Prom Dress Online. Buyer beware. ... 1. This pink dress is actually a "quilt with arm holes.".
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11 Wedding Dresses Fashion Brides Will Love

Refinery29-Oct. 6, 2016
Fashion brides don't just hit up their local gown superstore. In fact, some stylish brides-to-be opt out of a traditional wedding dress altogether and instead choose ...
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Reformation's Latest Bridal Collection Assumes You Want 2 ...

Racked NY-Jul. 11, 2016
Reformation is betting that one of its wedding dresses is clearly not enough for the modern bride. The beloved eco-friendly brand launches its fall bridal ...

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