Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from CNN International

The royal wedding: What not to wear!

CNN International-Apr. 9, 2011
(CNN) -- If you're among the 1,900 or so high society bigwigs, politicians and royals who've received an invitation to the most anticipated wedding of the decade, ...

Story image for royal wedding from CNN International

Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat being sold for charity

CNN International-May 15, 2011
London (CNN) -- Is it a bird? A bow? A pretzel? The hat worn by Britain's Princess Beatrice to last month's royal wedding created a stir, spawning numerous blog ...
Story image for royal wedding from CNN

Kate's royal wedding dress goes on show

CNN-Jul. 22, 2011
London (CNN) -- The intricate lace and embroidery of Catherine Middleton's wedding dress wowed millions as they watched her walk down the aisle with Prince ...

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