Friday, November 15, 2019

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Style Q&A | Union Bridal brings fresh wedding fashion to ...

The Province-Aug. 26, 2016
But when Emily Milardo and Sarah Frood set out to find bridal gowns for their ... Celebrating the recent launch of their Gastown shop, the co-founders talk ...
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BeyoncĂ© Wore A Wedding Dress To The Grammys

Refinery29-Feb. 16, 2016
And last year, she performed at the ceremony in this sparkly white caped dress. Those weren't technically wedding dresses. But they should be, because, wow.

Katie Maloney Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Goes Wedding Dress ...

The Inquisitr-Mar. 22, 2016
Katie Maloney is about to get her dream wedding to Tom Schwartz and she is finally out shopping for a wedding dress. Fans of Vanderpump Rules can't wait to ...
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Janice Dickinson Models Her Wedding Dress Following Butt ...

Inside Edition-May 12, 2016
Janice Dickinson Models Her Wedding Dress Following Butt Lift Procedure ... this summer and Inside Edition was there as she went wedding dress shopping.

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